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Showing posts from January 18, 2009
Sad Day For Microsoft: 5,000 Laid Off, Earnings And Revenues Down It would seem, seeing this headline, that even the tech sector is unable to avoid the consequences of this economic downturn.  When even bellwether Microsoft must slash jobs, it must be impossible to create a sustainable business model that has the elasticity to weather a severe economic slowdown. Then again, there's this: Apple made $10 billion, sold 88% more iPhones than last year and this: Apple Reports First Quarter Results - Best Quarterly Revenue and Earnings in Apple History I believe Apple has established a management and operations pattern that may prove a model for sustainable business operations that, while not necessarily immune to economic trends and conditions, could prove more stable and thus less prone to the "hire wildly then lay off" pattern so many companies and industries seem subject to. Is Apple an enigma, or a new business model?  Share your comments.