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Showing posts from September 23, 2001
Experts warn U.S. more cyberattacks coming - Tech News - "Computer users can defend against such worms and viruses by downloading software patches, but the software industry needs to take security more seriously when it designs new products , said Richard Pethia, director of the virus-fighting CERT Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh." (bolding by jp) Absolutely!
Sun reveals partners for online effort - Tech News - -- Tim Arnoult, Bank of America's head of technology and operations -- "From Bank of America's point of view, the absence of an open, federated standard for identity authentication is a significant impediment to business in our world today," he said in the conference call. ----------------------- This comment sums up the most likely risk perspective of many business entities.
Liberty Alliance -- Here's the coalition Sun has put together to offer an alternative credential management solution to Microsoft's "Passport." The alliance includes some heavy hitters in financial, communications, industrial, travel, consumer products, and technology sectors. If it holds together, this effort actually has a chance at creating real choice in the market. Cool!
Nicholas Riley: Software -- A WebDAV "extension" for Userland's "Frontier" and "Radio" to allow these content management clients to interoperate with a WebDAV-based server.
Sun To Offer Alternative Online Digital Identity -- Finally, someone besides Microsoft steps up to the plate in recognizing that all electronic transactions revolve around accurately identifying the parties to the transaction. All the noise about directory services (LDAP) still comes down to a common way to accurately identify the "who" component of electronic business and commerce. The Internet community ought to have more than just 2 choices (Microsoft's Passport and the new Sun offering) for credential management service providers. Any other takers out there?
The Jakarta Collection for OSX -- Mac OS X is rapidly catching up to the "rest of the world" in Apache software availability. It'll be interesting to see whether Apple will ultimately be able to translate its newfound "openness" into marketshare in both consumer and business markets.
iTools Brings ASP to the Mac -- An alternative to the risks associated with running IIS-based application servers? This Mac OS X-based toolkit is based on Halcyon Software's InstantASP product. They've already recognized the opportunity presented by recent Code Red and Nimda outbreaks.
George Gilder's GTR this month mentions Scale Eight as a key "Storewidth" technology/service provider. Their strategy is based on "JBODS" (just a bunch of disks), and they already support NFS and CIFS services to LANs. Wonder when they'll support WebDAV ?
The ANSER Institute for Homeland Security -- Heard someone from this org on NPR this morning. He had good information & these guys seem like a good source.
D-Link's DI-714 Wireless Gateway/Ethernet Switch -- D-Link Systems Inc. Broadband -- DI-714 (MSRP ~$279)...the specs on this one compare favorably to the Linksys and SMC Barricade products. Still on the fence though, cuz I need to verify that what I put in at home works correctly for Seagate's VPN (CheckPoint SecureClient) and provides access to my "home services" widgets (right now just my WebDAV server).