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Showing posts from April 15, 2007
Browser Cleanup (cont'd) Oops, missed a couple: Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing Marratech (recently acquired by Google) Dirk Riehle on the economics of open source software Schtuff Tutorial on MyOpenID Apache Heraldry (incubator project) Wizard to create custom Google Maps using Google Spreadsheet data Dave Winer:Coexisting with Platform Vendors Dave Winer:An Imbalance With Twitter Dave Winer:The Theory of Twitter and of course, Twitter
Browser Cleanup What's open in my browser tabs: TeamStudio Product Index Google acquires video conferencing company How to make GMail/GCal rock your tasks DiggGraphr Rex Hammock on Google Web History Tobias Schlitt's 10 golden rules for starting with open source Kernel comparison - Linux vs Windows Sun Dev Net article on Project Phobos Project Phobos Java Pet Store, Ajax-style Sun Dev Net article on jMaki, Dynamic Faces and Phobos Sun Dev Net tutorial on Securing Communications in Web Services Port 25 article on Linux VPNs and how to use Windows with them NetMesh Developer Downloads (LID) Always want to do more with this stuff than just read it, and always seem to run out of time (in other words, I always have to get back to "real work" LOL).
Vidoop and OpenID Another topic that's gaining momentum recently is that of federated identity. On a call today, one of my colleagues mentioned a new player in the space, one whose offering is underpinned by OpenID , a federated identity initiative that's evolved as a lighter-weight alternative to traditional heavyweights like the Liberty Alliance . This new venture, Vidoop , claims to provide a web single sign-on solution that provides all the security required for commercial and enterprise use, while relying on the lightweight, easy-to-implement OpenID identity standard for user credentials. Given some of the challenges large companies will be facing over the next several years, Vidoop may be entering the market at just the right time and with the right combination of features and technology to make it big. Stay tuned...
A New Leaf Looking back at my posts, it's clear I've been an inconsistent writer at best; most would probably accuse me (and rightly so) of lacking the drive to stay with it. Well, I'm turning over a new leaf and will write regardless of the consequences. Part of what's held me back is my personal fear of losing my job because I revealed something I wasn't supposed to. I've also struggled with an inferiority complex, and having people comment (or, worse, NOT comment!) on my writing still leaves me a bit queasy. Anyway, now that I've grappled with my personal demons, let's get into the thick of things. Today I had a call with representatives from TeamStudio to discuss the merits of their software and service offerings. As I expect has happened at many large companies using Lotus Notes/Domino , the application environment has evolved organically, and with limited governance. Many of those developing Notes/Domino applications operate outside traditiona