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Showing posts from September 30, 2001
Network Computing | Column | Security Watch | Growing Up with a Little Help from the Worm | Full Article | October 1, 2001 "Here's my question (actually, it's a few questions): When will enough be enough? When will the market stop accepting apologies? When will the market demand vendors increase their QA efforts? When will third-party validation efforts become the norm rather than the exception? When will consumers and decision-makers start caring enough about security to factor it into decision-making processes? " Shipley clearly understands the root of the problem. Until we change our buying habits and consider security as a fundamental requirement that trumps bells and whistles, we'll continue to struggle through bouts of increasingly aggressive and insidious technology attacks. I'm not advocating that we abandon functionality or compatibility requirements, only that we hold vendors accountable for the security profile (or lack thereof) of their pr
"You appear to have a termcap file: /usr/share/misc/termcap This should be edited manually to replace the xterm entries with those in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/etc/xterm.termcap Note: the new xterm entries are required to take full advantage of new features, but they may cause problems when used with older versions of xterm. A terminal type 'xterm-r6' is included for compatibility with the standard X11R6 version of xterm." XFree86's "" script exited leaving this message. Hmm...wonder if I need to do something about it? Installation complete.
eLearning choices for content developers -- Docent, Inc. looks like a good choice for enterprise-level courseware development & curriculum management, while Qarbon provides a more open, ad-hoc tool/service (quick-and-dirty tutorials). I expect many companies can justify using both tools, assuming teams can effectively match content to delivery technology. However, content providers are likely to take the "path of least resistance" in creating and publishing their goodies, which means Qarbon is likely to see higher numbers of content creators/publishers in a given period. As an example, I introduced a project manager to the Qarbon tool and 3 hours later he'd built two tutorials for his project constituents. In that time he'd downloaded and learned the "builder", then created and published the actual training content.
How the Blogger Deal Happened -- I forgot where I ran across this, but it was probably Dave Winer's "Scripting News" blog. Great story of how some of the early heroes of the PC revolution have continued to foster emerging talent and technologies in the Internet age. Dave, Dan, thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do!
"It is actually quite simple to use BlogScript. All you have to do is copy a block of text from any application. Then, select BlogScript from the Script Menu, and your text will be automatically posted to your weblog." Success!! I copied the above quote from the "Readme" & ran the script from the script menu - voila! blog from anywhere in Aqua! Too cool!!
Web Entourage: Mac OS Scripting Solutions "This script uses the built in XML-RPC and AppleScript functions of Mac OS X.1 to post to Blogger powered sites (see You must be a registered user of Blogger and have the "save password" preference enabled in your Blogger preferences on the site to publish your weblog instantly." Gotta try this!
Upgraded the iMac G3/500 to OS X 10.1 yesterday, and am approaching the point where I could almost abandon my Windows PC. OS X is pretty snappy for most operations & even WebDAV works fast (although it doesn't seem to support SSL-based WebDAV servers...perhaps an oversight Apple will correct with 10.1.1?).