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Yahoo - Novell Identity Management Software to Be Bundled With the TIBCO ActivePortal Platform -- It's taken awhile, but Novell's efforts at transforming itself into a strategic Internet infrastructure technology may finally be paying off. This announcement, along with a more recent one involving BEA (see "Novell's Secure Partner Portal Solution..."), offer evidence of Novell's growing success with other leading infrastructure players. The question in my mind remains "Will Novell survive long enough to see the fruition of its strategic efforts?"


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My First Google Wave

I got my invitation to Google Wave on Friday and finally had a few minutes to check it out last night and today.  Started my first wave on "cloud computing."  Seems fitting to discuss the topic in a new, cloud-based collaboration platform.  Of course, I continue to have dialogs on cloud computing in other media, but couldn't resist trying out Google Wave with such a fitting topic.

Right now I've only got about 5 colleagues in Google Wave along with me, but that'll grow over the next few days.  I'll post more observations as my community grows and I have more reasons to work in the environment.

Meanwhile, I'm in it and learning my way around.  Stay tuned!