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"It is actually quite simple to use BlogScript. All you have to do is copy a
block of text from any application. Then, select BlogScript from the Script
Menu, and your text will be automatically posted to your weblog."

Success!! I copied the above quote from the "Readme" & ran the script from the script menu - voila! blog from anywhere in Aqua! Too cool!!


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My First Google Wave

I got my invitation to Google Wave on Friday and finally had a few minutes to check it out last night and today.  Started my first wave on "cloud computing."  Seems fitting to discuss the topic in a new, cloud-based collaboration platform.  Of course, I continue to have dialogs on cloud computing in other media, but couldn't resist trying out Google Wave with such a fitting topic.

Right now I've only got about 5 colleagues in Google Wave along with me, but that'll grow over the next few days.  I'll post more observations as my community grows and I have more reasons to work in the environment.

Meanwhile, I'm in it and learning my way around.  Stay tuned!