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Sun To Offer Alternative Online Digital Identity -- Finally, someone besides Microsoft steps up to the plate in recognizing that all electronic transactions revolve around accurately identifying the parties to the transaction. All the noise about directory services (LDAP) still comes down to a common way to accurately identify the "who" component of electronic business and commerce. The Internet community ought to have more than just 2 choices (Microsoft's Passport and the new Sun offering) for credential management service providers. Any other takers out there?


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On My Own - Doing It By The Numbers
Over the weekend I got my first call on a consulting opportunity.  A few calls later I realized something - I hadn't figured out how to price my "product!"
It's pretty hard for someone to buy something (or even determine whether they're interested) if they don't know the price.
Of course, that realization came after I nailed down something even more resume.
I promised lots of friends, colleagues and former co-workers that I'd let them know how things are going, so I plan to catalog the steps in my process here on my blog in the unlikely event that someone else decides to pursue a similar path.
I know this has probably all been written about before, but some of us are just too darned bull-headed to learn lessons from other people and need to make our own mistakes, carve our own paths.
Step #1 - Define Your Product (aka Update Your Resume)
I know most people probably keep their resumes current by looking at what t…